O IPOM – Institute of Research and Guidance of Mind – is an entity designed to research and studies on the development of the mind and its dysfunctions. Here, you can participate in surveys about these issues and monitor their results, and have a space to interact and ask questions. Our main goal is to help people understand the workings of the mind, so that they can lead a more peaceful and happy.

Myriam Durante

Myriam Durante is a Psychotherapist and Holistic Hipnóloga, with extensive experience in the behavior of the mind. She created a new therapeutic approach, the “Seek Self-Knowledge”, which combines different techniques such as hypnosis, radestesia, neurolinguistic programming, regression memories, among others, raising the importance of self-knowledge to change habits, behaviors and thoughts in maintaining physical and mental health. With this technique, she treats people with psychosomatic problems such as panic, OCD, obesity, smoking, among others. Learn more .. Click here