O Lado Direito do Cérebro

Data: Feb 04, 2012   |   Cathegory: Articles

Scientists now agree that most people have creative abilities far beyond they use in daily life.

The problem is that most of them simply don’t know how to reach the brain area where most of these skills are located.

The great difficulty for people to think creatively is that, since our childhood, we heard that we must do everything right, that we should be objective, practical and effective, and that boldness is a danger. Scientifically it means that we’re raised to valorizes the left hemisphere and, therefore, the right side starts to atrophy from disuse.

Most people think only with brain’s left side.  There are just a few people that also uses the right side. So, when faced with a difficult problem, they paralyzed, because they can’t see an alternative. As each day goes by we have more hurry, more work and more urgent to resolve our personal, financial or professional problems. There’s almost no time left to dream, write, create, paint …  We must learn to use the brain’s right side, because it’s the side where all of our creative potential are focused.

You must explore this world of talent you have in mind. Developing your logical reasoning, you’ll surely become a very intelligent person. But you will only be someone talented and creative when you develop your full capacity to imagine and dare. All the great geniuses who you know or have heard – as Chapplin, Van Gogh, Pasteur, Einstein and Thomas Edison – explored the right side of the brain to search for the unique, the unusual and the different. And you cant get all of this with boldness and determination.

Albert Einstein is considered extremely intelligent and a brilliant scientist, a real pride for the human race. But he wasn’t always seen that way. During childhood, Einstein was a failure. At school, he felt great difficulties in subjects like history and geography and one of his teachers predicted that he wouldn’t have much future: “He won’t get anywhere” -  said the teacher.

Thomas Edison, one of the greatest geniuses that humanity has known, was expelled from school because his teacher concluded that he had a “hollow brain” and was “unable to learn.” Imagine the impact of a statement like this in a little boy’s mind who had serious difficulties to learn. But fortunately for him and the world, Edison decided to forget the teacher’s view and live his own life.

Einstein and Edison’s cases weren’t the only ones in history. Gandhi was also a mediocre student. Hesuffered a lot with multiplication and used to rush home so his colleaguescouldn’t make fun of his “stupidity”. He had a very slow thinking and a poor memory.

Besides of it all, these three men overcame all odds, against all predictions, turned out to be universal celebrities. Thomas Edison was called stupid at age 8 and went on. At age 80, he began studying botany and, after analyzing thousands of plants, he discovered a method to extract rubber in much greater quantities.

Bad reviews are a part of our life, but don’t let them stop you from moving forward. You can still accomplish many things, as long as you want to and are able to chase it. It doesn’t matter who you are today, what have you failed to do, the defeats you have suffered and neither your age. What really matters is if you believe in your dream. Einstein, Pasteur, Edison and Gandhi had a brain exactly like yours, with no difference and the same number of neurons. They simply chased after their dreams.

Myriam Durante